Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I can't believe my own son is turning 5 on Thursday!!! We celebrated his birthday last Saturday with a Putt-Putt Golf Themed Party. I have to admit, it was thrown together, as I have had little time to devote to parties with all the weddings we've had this year....a good thing! The only thing I had planned was the theme...oh, and I did reserve the outdoor putting area months ago, only to change it two days before to an indoor facility due to possible bad weather...whew!

Sweetie's Delights of Valrico, FL did a great job creating this cute and DELICIOUS cake for Jackson. Their frosting is to die for!

After a round of Putt-Putt, Pizza and Cake, Jackson handed out the Favor Buckets he made (with a little help from Mom of course) to his friends. Jackson hand-picked the items to include in these "grass" filled buckets- Golf Balls, Sunglasses, and a Golf Coloring Page and Crayons wrapped with ribbon just to name a few.

I have to admit, it was nice to relax and enjoy my little guy and his excitement of turning another year older...even if it wasn't exactly planned the way my perfect party-planning mind would like it!


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